About Us

Two mandates are attached to the founding of the journal New Perspectives in the Social Sciences (NPSS). The first of these mandates is to provide a channel for the dissemination of social science research that is carried out as a relational approach or a complex systems approach. The second is to promote studies which, though rigorous, do not manage to find their niche in the established networks of social sciences, as well as those who dare to venture into unexplored territory.

About the Board

The journal NPSS is administered, under the direction of an Editor in Chief, by an Editorial Board whose members adhere to the mission statement philosophy. The Board is interdisciplinary in the sense that its members put their interdisciplinarity in practice and also because it comprises specialists from a diversity of disciplines. Members of the advisory committee guide the Editorial Board members work by their writings and sometimes by their advices.

About the Authors

The authors that we can read in NPSS come from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds and a diversity of countries. Often, they produce a paper under a theme which gather several works within an issue. They do so either because they are accustomed to the area or because they have been conducted more or less recently in these analytical countries. These compendiums always constitute updates on which can be based further analysis as well as invitations to push borders out. Often, authors offer a text simply because they just created it and they believe that it can find its place in NPSS. Each of them thinks the journal Editorial Board represents a significant development.